Ways To Overcome Canine Cabin Fever This Winter

Ways To Overcome Canine Cabin Fever This Winter

You’ve heard about the notorious terms of winter blues, winter malaise, or the trusty-old cabin fever—but these terms are not just a folk tale. The winter blues are a real condition. While the severity of their effects may not get as much formal attention as they deserve, all is not lost when such seasonal-associated feelings find their way to your household.

If you’re feeling cabin fever, it’s more-than-likely that your precious pooch is as well. What induces canine cabin fever is often mere isolation—and sheer boredom. Being marooned inside due to the cold temps and bitter weather can feel like a mighty prison of endless frustration, restlessness, and irritability.

If your furry friend is showing common symptoms, it’s prime time to act. In an endeavor to save your sofa and your sanity, here are the top ways to overcome canine cabin fever this winter.

Plan B: Indoor Play and Stimulation

When Plan A is out of the picture, such as heading outdoors to romp and tromp, you can pull Plan B out of your back pocket. For those dreary days, indoor play is nexus of physical and mental stimulation. Pent-up energy can cause your canine to exhibit destructive or negative behaviors. While your dog can put on quite a show, there are simpler, less abrasive ways to cope.

Similar to humans, canines are wired for daily socialization, stimulation, and physical exertion. How can you turn the indoors into a safe, just-as-effective dog park? Do you have long hallways or an empty garage or basement? Could you organize an indoor playdate with other dogs? The key to coping is interactive festivity.

Training: Create a Customized Routine

The root of cabin fever is the tedium of monotony. The cure is a hot-off-the-press switch-up of routine. We know dogs to be natural working animals, as operative creatures who enjoy stimulants of both mental and physical nature. They simply thrive when they have a job to do.

If you’re chasing after ways to overcome canine cabin fever this winter, now could be a determined time for your dog to chase out new tricks or habitually practice obedience skills. Provide your trusted companion with a custom training routine that yields the pair of you with an intentional purpose each day and every day.

Get Outdoors: Make the Most of What You Have

Remember that just because it’s the coldest season of the year doesn’t mean you can’t bundle up and hit the trails with Fido. If the weather allows, make the most of what is available to you.

Keep moving and grooving outdoors to release endorphins, expend energy, rev up your doggo’s metabolism, and simply enjoy all mother nature has to offer together during this beautiful time of year.

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