dog winter wearing rmd harness and leash mountains

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for Hikers and Your Dog This Christmas

Whether you’re shopping for someone who loves hiking with their pup or looking to treat your own furry family member (and yourself!), Christmas is a great time to stock up on cool gear for all your hiking adventures. Here are our go-to items to add to your gift guide for hiking dogs.

RMD Winter Dog Jacket

If you’re wanting to hike in the cooler months with your dog in Canada, a high-quality winter dog jacket is essential. Our version is vest style with side release buckles on both sides, making it easy to take on and off your dog. 

Plus, it’s wind and water-resistant to help protect your dog from the elements while locking in their body heat.  Our winter dog jacket is available in both red and blue, so you can choose the option that matches your dog’s leash.

dog wearing rmd winter dog jacket

At Home in the Rockies Unisex Hoodie

Whether you’re heading out for an outdoor adventure or cozying up inside, this hoodie shows off your love of getting outdoors with your dog.  This incredibly soft hoodie is perfect for layering and has the at home in the Rocky Mountains crest on the back.

Rex Specs Dog Goggles

If you love seeking adventures with your dog, dog goggles are an awesome option - and certainly deserve a spot on our gift guide for hiking dogs! 

In addition to looking sleek, these goggles protect your pup’s eyes from UV rays, wind, and debris. 

The soft foam edges allow these goggles to fit comfortably to your dog’s face while still allowing a full range of view.

rexspecs goggles available by rocky mountain dog

RMD Classic Toque

Keep cozy and lock all that heat in with this comfy toque. It’s super stretchy so it’ll keep you feel comfortable on your hikes, and can be worn as a cuffed or slouch beanie to switch up your look. Available in both red and black.

female and dog wearing rocky mountain dog

Grizzly Bear All-Mountain Dog Leash

Every mountain dog needs a great leash! Our leashes are the perfect option for both hiking and dog walking because they can be used as both a handheld leash and a hands-free leash by using the handle clip to secure the leash around your waist. 

Plus, they have durable webbing and a traffic handle, making it easy to control your dog while hiking. And, of course, the grizzly bear and Rundle Mountain design show off you and your dog’s love for the great outdoors.

grizzly bear all-mountain leash

Dog Backpack

Allow your dog to tote their own gear for your hike with this dog backpack!  The built-in harness means that it fits comfortably, and disperses the weight evenly to keep your dog safe while they explore. 

As a bonus, the saddlebag can be removed to hike with only the harness.  Available in both blue and orange and four sizes to fit your dog.

Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl

Whether you love hiking, camping, or traveling with your dog, these travel dog bowls are an essential item to pack. The strong nylon fabric allows it to stand up to your adventures, yet packs down easily. 

We designed this to be two bowls in one, allowing you to offer your dog both food and water at the same time whether you’re atop the peak of a mountain or at a local park.

rmd dog travel bowl

Canmore Three Sisters Bandana

Get your dog all decked out with this eye-catching bandana which features the mountains at the entrance to the Rocky Mountain range. Our bandanas are made with super stretchy fabric to keep your dog comfortable and work well on dogs of all sizes.

Rocky Mountain Collar and Alpine Paws ID Tag Set

This customizable option will let your dog represent their love of the mountains on your next trek. Select your favourite Rocky Mountain Alpine Dog Collar and customize your pup’s ID tag with their name, your phone number, and your favourite scenes from the Rocky Mountains. 

The webbing and rattle-free rings make this collar a great option for active pups and their owners.

RMD alpine collar and dog id tag set

Rocky Mountain Paw Cream

This is another great item to slip into your dog’s stocking as it can be applied before hikes to protect your dog’s paws from the elements, or used after as a conditioning balm. 

Organic ingredients like beeswax protect sensitive paw pads, while shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil help to moisturize and soften paws.

rmd dog paw cream

Mountain Beacon LED Dog Safety Collar

An essential for keeping your dog safe during those darker nights and evenings, our LED Light dog safety collar can be fitted to any dog’s size, with a charge that lasts up to 8 hours before needing recharging.

Available in red, blue, and pink, the collar illuminates your dog’s neck to keep them well seen, with lights that can be set to glow, blink, or flash.

English Bridle Leather Dog Leash

For less challenging hikes, trips to the local park, or walks around the block, this leash is a great one to add to your arsenal.  It’s made by an experienced leathersmith to create a leash that with withstand weather and dirt while being comfortable to hold in your hands. 

Plus, the stamped Rocky Mountain Dog logo allows you to still show off your love for the mountains while in an urban environment.  Available in tan and black.

english bridle all-leather dog leash

Bugaboo Poo Bag Dispenser

You never want to feel the walk of shame when you are walking your dog in the park and they have to go! The Bugaboo Poo Bag Dispenser is the perfect stocking stuffer this winter. 

The dispenser carries one roll of poo bags and it has 2 velcro strips to attach it to your leash.

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