The Ranger Dog Leash & Collar Collection: Unbreakable Bond

The Ranger Dog Leash & Collar Collection: Unbreakable Bond

Hunting with dogs is an age-old tradition that dates back thousands of years, encompassing diverse cultures and regions worldwide. It creates an unbreakable bond between hunters and their dogs.

This is why we chose The Ranger pattern as our latest All-Mountain Leash design at Rocky Mountain Dog. The Ranger All Mountain Leash will be your new favourite hiking leash. Versatile that it can used hand held or hands free (around the waist) it combines function with aesthetic.

Our matching Ranger Alpine Collar comes with a durable snap clasp and separate attachments for your leash and ID tags. Whether Hunting with your dog or just exploring this new pattern is sure to make you and your dog stand out. 

In this blog we will explore the captivating practice of hunting with dogs. We will delve into its historical significance, the bond it creates between humans and their canine companions, the benefits it offers to our ecosystem, and the ethical considerations that govern this time-honored pursuit.


Historical Connection


The partnership between humans and dogs in hunting has stood the test of time, with evidence of its existence dating back to prehistoric times. Dogs, with their keen sense of smell, exceptional speed, and innate tracking abilities, have been invaluable assets in the pursuit of game animals.

This bond between humans and dogs has not only served as a means of survival but also led to the development of a unique relationship, one based on trust, loyalty, and mutual reliance.

The synergy between hunters and their dogs is a sight to behold. Hunting with dogs involves meticulous training and coordination, but also good breeding. Sporting Breeds along with Hounds have been bred for centuries to hunt. They come with natural instincts for the job and watching them work is a sight to behold. The teamwork between the two creates a profound bond of mutual respect and love. Hunting with dogs is often a family tradition, with knowledge and skills passed down through generations. This practice fosters a sense of cultural continuity and heritage, reinforcing the importance of responsible hunting practices and conservation values in younger generations.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Hunting with dogs provides physical and mental benefits to both the hunter and the dog. The outdoor pursuit involves long walks, hiking, and physical activity, contributing to the hunter's fitness and overall well-being. For the dog, hunting is not only an opportunity to exercise but also stimulates their senses and fulfills their natural instincts.

Ethical Considerations


Responsible hunting with dogs is guided by a set of ethical principles that prioritize the well-being of both the animals and the ecosystem. Strict adherence to hunting regulations and seasonal restrictions helps preserve wildlife populations and maintain ecological balance.

Contrary to popular belief no dog is ever trained to harm animals. They are bred to flush, track, chase and retrieve only. They are an essential factor to finding animals but it's the hunter's responsibility to harvest the animal. It is quoted dogs are the best tool in a hunter’s tool belt. 

Conservation and Wildlife Management


Hunting with dogs can play a crucial role in wildlife management and conservation efforts which helps control animal populations, preventing overgrazing and damage to natural habitats. This balance ensures the survival of various species and promotes a healthy ecosystem.

Hunting in Canada is a massive industry that provides roughly 6.1 Billion to fish and wildlife conservation and management, meaning that anglers and hunters are the main financial supporters of the provincial fish and wildlife program here in Canada. 

Unbreakable Bond

Hunting with dogs is a profound and time-honored practice that embodies the bond between humans and animals, forged in the pursuit of sustenance and harmony with nature. Ethical and responsible hunting with dogs contributes to wildlife conservation and the overall health of ecosystems.

The partnership between humans and dogs in the realm of hunting represents a celebration of companionship, skill, and respect. It is a legacy worth preserving for generations to come. The Ranger leash is our representation of the bond you create with your dog when they are engaged in activities they were bred to do.