Our First Feel Good Giveaway

Our First Feel Good Giveaway

In May we announced a different kind of giveaway we were going to do. It was based on feel-good stories within our communities.

If someone is going above and beyond the call of duty, people giving back to the community or someone overcoming extreme adversity.

Or maybe it is someone who inspires us with their own amazing stories. 

Remember our mission:

Rocky Mountain Dog was created to bring us together. Our mission is to inspire others to explore the mountains making memories along the way with their dog.


Anyone can nominate someone too! If you want to nominate someone, send us an email, DM us or text us, we want to hear from you! Heck, you can nominate yourself, we don't care.

Well, we did our first giveaway in May to someone who is battling cancer, her name is Natalie Kwadrans. She messaged me about buying a leash from Pawsitively on 4th St. 

I was pretty pumped and responded to her message and went to her Facebook page, that's when I realized she was battling cancer. I was shocked. I used to work with Natalie back in the day at Shaw and was really moved by her story of fighting cancer, her chemo treatments and her battle to survive. 

My dad died of cancer when I was young so I was very moved by her story.

She said she was saving up to buy an RMD leash because money is tight for a lot of people in Calgary these days with the economy. 

Rocky Mountain Dog leash with two jack russells

So I thought we would help out a friend and give her a free leash and poo bag dispenser. 

two dogs being pulled by Rocky Mountain Dog leash

And that is our first giveaway under our feel-good motto. If you have a great feel-good story, we want to hear from you!