How To Care For and Protect Your Dog’s Eyes

How To Care For and Protect Your Dog’s Eyes

For humankind, eyesight is undoubtedly the most pivotal and dominant sense of the five senses. Without vision, we reduce our ability to collect and process visual information in our brains. Conversely, the majority of animals tend to gain the bulk of information through their extraordinary senses of smell and a dog’s sensitive nose will reveal more about the world than its eyes ever do. You’ve surely experienced this on your past adventures with any dog you’ve owned or met.

Nonetheless, a canine’s vision remains a critical method of worldly interaction on a day-to-day basis. As your canine's pack leader, you must pay close attention to their health. A usual care routine should include consideration of the eyes. Dogs don’t have an effective or safe way to care for their own vision. To fully enjoy every shared experience together, consider the following ways how to care for and protect your dog’s eyes.

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Respect: Provide a Proper Diet

Maintaining healthy eye function plays a key role in the lifelong happiness of your canine companion. Knowledge of how to care for and protect your dog’s eyes includes a rich, healthy diet full of antioxidants. You’ve probably heard the idea that carrots are good for your own eyes, and it’s no myth. This fact holds true for canines as well. As a preventive measure, consuming a rainbow of food supports good eye health conditions. However, be cautious about safe fruits and veggies when adding antioxidants to their regular, commercial diet.

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 Inspect: Clean and Care

Your dog’s eyes can reveal a plethora of details regarding their health. When you provide constant care for their eyes, you’ll help them see vividly throughout their lifespan. If your four-legged friend is dealing with eye issues, it’s oftentimes no secret. Check your dog’s eyes carefully for any tearing, redness, dryness, or irritation. Gaze into your dog’s eyes in a bright area for any visible signs they need to visit the vet.

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Other essential dog eye-care tips include keeping hair and fur out of their eyes, keeping them clear of mucus, applying ointment or eye drops for cleaning, and wiping off crustiness with a damp washcloth or cotton ball.

Protect: Consider Safety Eyewear

Besides a wagging tail, your dog’s eyes communicate so incredibly much about their emotions. Health and prevention are the key to maintaining the condition of their eyes since their vision is too valuable to take chances with. Consider how to best protect their eyesight against the sun, grasses, and dust when you two are outside. Wind and debris can cause serious eye problems for your dog when you’re both out hiking, venturing, or backpacking.

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