Everything you need to know about Biothane Leashes and Collars

Everything you need to know about Biothane Leashes and Collars


What is Biothane:

Biothane is a material made with polyester webbing with a TPU or PVE coating. Known as vegan leather, it is waterproof and does not hold odors. It's easy to clean, most dirt just wipes off or wash in warm water with soap. (Not recommended for machine washing)  It is a Rot and UV-resistant material so it is very durable and long lasting.  It comes in amazing colors and you can make a ton of options with this material which is why its so popular with dog owners.

Why we choose Biothane as an RMD Product:

Simply because its waterproof, and durable. We realized for summers in the Mountains having a waterproof leash and collar is extremely helpful. Butch especially loves chasing sticks into the lakes and rivers in the summer to cool off and now he can do so in our very stylish and colorful biothane products. 

Products Available:

There are so many product options you can make with Biothane. We are having a great time brainstorming the best possible products for you and dog to use in the Rocky Mountains. Here is what we have now, but note more products will be coming soon! 

We opted to switch up our hardware with our Biothane collection and introduce our first Brass option on our Plum, Lagoon and Kale color ways. We used classic black on Watermelon and Tangerine. We kept the hardware consistent with each color across all our products so that when each piece fits together they match seamlessly. 

Standard Leash and Buckle Collar: There is nothing standard here about our collars and hand held leash! The RMD Biothane Collar is made with our first buckle option. It comes in 5 amazing color options and our first extra small option!  The RMD Biothane Leash with a fixed handle, comes in 3 length options; 6ft, 8ft and 15ft for all your hiking needs. 


Hands Free Leash: A staple product above all else for Rocky Mountain Dog is a Hands Free Leash option. This Hands Free Leash is decked out with two colors each and is so stunning with the hardware we are having a hard time keeping it in stock. It can be worn around the waist, around your shoulder, clipped onto a waist bag or hand held. It comes in 8ft in length so that when wearing it hands free your dog still has lots of room to roam those trails. 

Leash Coupler: If you have two dogs we have you covered with the Biothane Leash Coupler! Each side is 1.5ft (45cm) with an O-Ring in the centre you can easily walk two dogs tangle free. This sturdy material will also make you feel secure and since its so easy to clean you don't need to worry if it hits the ground. 

Grab Handle:  The perfect dog walking accessory The Grab Handle has many uses. Attach to your dogs collar and effortlessly grab your off leash dog while at the park. You can also get the O-Ring option to attach your leash to the Grab handle,  creating a traffic handle.