Dog Goggles: What Are They for, and Does Your Dog Need Them?

Dog Goggles: What Are They for, and Does Your Dog Need Them?

At RMD, we believe in bringing dogs along on every adventure, whether it’s hiking, paddle boarding, mountain biking or trail running! Dogs belong at our side on each and every crazy adventure but with that comes the responsibility to protect our canine companions against whatever they might encounter! Humans benefit from protective eyewear to care for one of our strongest, most vivid senses and because of how a canine’s eye functions, serious protective eyewear may be necessary for your four-legged friend as well. Here’s what to know about dog goggles: what are they for, and does your dog need them?

Why Do Dogs Wear Goggles?

When we head outdoors, we’re sure grab a pair of sunglasses for the road because we understand how critical vision protection is to maintaining the health of our eyes. Therefore, you may not be surprised to hear that veterinarians also recommend dog goggles both for protection against eye injuries and the sun. After getting used to the feel, your dog can become accustomed to routinely wearing eyewear just like a leash or a collar!

Medical Necessity: Protection To Prevent Damage

Certain breeds of dogs, such as brachycephalic breeds, may greatly benefit from wearing dog goggles as they have visually prominent eyeballs that are susceptible to cuts or other harm. Rex Specs can also aid pups facing eye pain or discomfort, for example those recovering from surgery or other eye trauma. For dogs that are already accustomed to wearing goggles, eyewear can assist their recovery by preventing further trauma caused by scratching and rubbing and also avoid the need to wear a cone!

The Active Dog: Protection for Outdoor Adventures

Still curious about dog goggles and what they are for? Rex Specs provide durable, dependable eye protection with all lenses being impact resistant, rated UV400 (blocks 99-100% UVA/UVB), and easy to replace. Ventilation allows for maximum airflow and quick draining for use in water and the spherical lens design offers an excellent field of view. The strap system is customizable and creates a comfortable, secure fit whilst allowing for full range of motion. Keep in mind that wearing goggles should never impede your dogs lifestyle but rather complement it! Your dog can immensely benefit from wearing goggles if you’re both active in the great outdoors as they provide protection from UV rays, sand, dense woodland and the elements such as wind, snow and rain.

If you’re on the lookout for protective goggles for your dog, let us help! We’re a proud Canadian supplier of RexSpecs dog goggles, which are perfect for protecting your dog’s eyes when hiking up mountains or cruising down the highway.

Reach out to us today with any questions or visit us in store to try a pair on! We’re here to help prepare you and your dog to be different, to be wild, and to join in the adventure that awaits.