Cochrane Pet Valu & RMD; A Leash & Collar Collaboration

Cochrane Pet Valu & RMD; A Leash & Collar Collaboration

Nestled in the picturesque Bow River Valley is Cochrane, Alberta. This charming town has a captivating history that dates back over a century. Situated in the heart of Cochrane is Pet Valu owned by Sylvia Penner who is passionate about dogs and animals.

She has long supported Rocky Mountain Dog and had an ingenious idea to do a collaboration with us on a custom All Mountain Leash and Alpine collar. The new pattern would be sold exclusively in this very special store, and based on Cochrane's wonderful location and history.  Read more about Cochrane and this stunning new design, we guarantee you’ll be heading out to get yours as soon as you're done reading. 

The Bow River

Long before European settlers arrived, the land now known as Cochrane was home to Indigenous peoples, particularly the Stoney Nakoda First Nation. These Indigenous communities had a deep connection to the land and the Bow River, which provided them with sustenance and a means of transportation.

Today it is still valued for its recreational activities. Whether it's fishing for trout in its cool, pristine waters, taking a leisurely stroll along its scenic banks, or enjoying a peaceful afternoon of kayaking or canoeing, the Bow River is a vital part of Cochrane's identity. 

The Cowboy / Men of Vision Statue

Throughout its early years, Cochrane’s economy was rooted in agriculture and ranching, with fertile land and ample grazing areas it was a sought after location. The first ranch was established in 1881 by Senator Matthew Henry Cochrane whom the town is now named after. The ranch became a historical site in 1970.

Situated on the hilltop of this site is the Bronze statue of a cowboy on horseback called “Men of Vision” Commissioned in 1976 as a symbol of how Alberta grew from these early ranchers. The ranching heritage is still visible today, with rodeo events and western culture playing a prominent role in the community. 

The Grandfather Tree 

With its enormous girth and towering height, the Grandfather Tree has long been a source of wonder and admiration for residents and visitors alike. The Grandfather Tree is a cottonwood tree of immense proportions.

Estimated to be over 300 years old, this colossal tree has become a beloved landmark and symbol of Cochrane's enduring commitment to preserving its natural heritage while embracing progress. It stands as a reminder of the town's history, with its exposed roots it stands as a symbol of honouring the roots of Cochrane linking the Indigenous past to the present-day community.


Dog and Hiker 

The design would not be complete without highlighting hiking with your dog. Hiking in Cochrane, with your furry companion is a delightful experience. Cochrane boasts an array of scenic trails that wind through lush forests, alongside the picturesque Bow River, and offer breathtaking views of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

Whether you're embarking on a leisurely stroll or tackling more challenging terrain, there are options for every skill level. Some of the top trails include the Bowbend and Glenbow loop, Riverfront Park Trail, and the Bow River Trail. There are also some amazing off leash fenced dog parks where you can let your dog have a good run. 

 Cochrane today stands as a thriving community that embraces its past while looking toward the future with optimism and a strong sense of community spirit. We hope you get the chance to  explore its picturesque streets and natural beauty, and stop by Pet Valu for this stunning leash that we are so excited about here at Rocky Mountain Dog. 

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