Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Ontario

Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Ontario

No matter how well your pup is trained, sometimes, they just need to run free without a leash. Below, we’ve got the most comprehensive list of paws-itively perfect off-leash dog parks where your furry best friend can sniff and play to their heart’s content.

Does your dog have poor recall? Not to worry. These parks are certified-leash-free, so you and your pup can enjoy stress-free excitement and exercise. And when it's time to head home, make sure you have our Yellowstone All-Mountain Dog Leash for a secure and comfortable walk back. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the best parks where you can let your dog go mutts! 

Top Off-Leash Dog Parks in Toronto

black short coated dog playing with white ball on green grass field during daytime

Cherry Beach Off-Leash Dog Park

Summers in Toronto can get hot, and Cherry Beach is a great place to head with your pup for a swim. The leash-free area is sectioned off from the rest of the beach and provides ample space for Lassie to dig, splash, and run. Plus, the Martin Goodman trail is nearby for leashed walks. 

  • Address: 1 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 0B7 
  • Directions

Warden Woods Off-Leash Dog Park

Warden Woods is a beautiful place to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. With tree-lined trails and charming creeks, there's plenty to explore with your pup on-leash. When it's time for leash-free fun, the fenced-in dog run is spacious and conveniently located nearby.

  • Address: 125 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON M1L 3E7
  • Directions

High Park Dog Off-Leash Area

High Park offers a large off-leash area where Rover can work off his energy and make new friends. With its wide open space, this park is a great place to go in the winter after a big snow. There are also shaded picnic benches for owners to take a break. 

  • Address: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3
  • Directions

Earlscourt Park Dogs Off-Leash Area

    Earlcourt Park's off-leash area offers an expansive play area covered with wood chips that eliminates mud, even on rainy days. The area is well-shaded thanks to nearby trees, and there's a dog-sized water fountain that comes in handy when it's hot and your pup needs a drink. 

    • Address: 1200 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3Z8
    • Directions

    Stanley Off-Leash Dog Park

      Situated within Stanley Park, this off-leash area offers dogs a safe and open environment to run, play, and socialize. The park features a secure, fenced-in area with ample space for dogs of all sizes to roam freely. Additionally, it provides amenities such as benches for pet owners, waste disposal stations, and water fountains for both dogs and their humans. 

      • Address: 700 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1G7 
      • Directions 

      Power Street Off-Leash Dog Park

        Power Street Off-Leash Dog Park is another great escape from the city with enough enclosed space for full-speed runs. The area boasts lots of shade trees and a woodchipped play surface that makes summer play comfortable for both you and your dog. 

        • Address: 51 Power St, Toronto, ON M5A 3A6
        • Directions

        Top Off-Leash Dog Parks in Ottawa

        grey and white miniature schnauzer on grey concrete fence

        McNabb Dog Park

        McNabb Dog Park is an oasis for dogs of all sizes right in the center of Ottawa. This renovated baseball diamond stays busy, so there's always an opportunity for socialisation training and making friends. The park is clean, quiet, and spacious, so we definitely rate this one 5 paws up! 

        • Address: 435 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6J6
        • Directions

        Conroy Pit Dog Park

        Conroy Pit is one of the most popular dog parks in Ontario with charming trails, beautiful trees, and a large grassy area for running. If your dog enjoys snow, there's truly no better place to go when you want to experience a magical winter wonderland with your best friend.

        • Address: 3136 Conroy Rd, Ottawa, ON K1T 3S4
        • Directions

        Tech Wall Dog Park

        Tech Wall Dog Park is conveniently located on Laurier Avenue, across the street from Old Ottawa Tech. Even though the area is easy to walk to, there's ample parking nearby if you happen to be driving. While the park is on the smaller side, it's great for toy to medium-sized dogs that need to get some exercise.

        • Address: 575 Laurier Ave W #551, Ottawa, ON K1R 5Y9 
        • Directions 

        Sylvia Holden Dog Park

        The Sylvia Holden Dog Park is an awesome choice for dogs that like to bolt as soon as you get them off leash. With a double gate entrance, your pup stays secure as you enter and exit the space. The park is also open until 11:00 PM, which is great when your dog has the late-night zoomies.

        • Address: 641 O'Connor St, Ottawa, ON K1S 5N5 
        • Directions

        Mississauga Off-Leash Dog Parks

        dog with orange ball in seashore

        Totoredaca Dog Park

        Totoredaca Dog Park is a well-loved off-leash dog park featuring separate sections for small and large dogs, ensuring a safe environment for all sizes and breeds. Amenities include shaded areas, benches, water stations, and waste disposal bins, making it a convenient and enjoyable spot for both dogs and their owners. 

        • Address: 2715 Meadowvale Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5N 6P8
        • Directions 

        Jack Darling Dog Park

        If you want a lot of space, look no further than the Jack Darling Dog Park on Lakeshore Rd W, just South of the Pioneer Gas Station. Located within Jack Darling Memorial Park, this expansive off-leash park features a large, fenced-in space with varied terrain, including wooded areas and open fields, catering to the natural instincts of your dogs. It boasts 22 acres of fully fenced fun, so you never have to worry about your pup getting away (even if their recall could use some improvement). Amenities include water stations, waste disposal bins, and benches for pet owners to relax while their dogs enjoy the outdoors.

        • Address: 1180 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga, ON, L5H 1A1 
        • Directions

        Churchill Meadows Leash-Free Dog Park

        Churchill Meadows Leash-Free Dog Park is located on the edge of an expansive green space on Ninth Line, next to the soccer fields and across the road from Delano Hair Salon. There are also separate areas for large and small dogs to make play easier for both owners and their pups. 

        • Address: 5320 Ninth Line, Mississauga, ON L5M 0R5
        • Directions

        Paul Coffey Dog Park 

        Paul Coffey Dog Park is a flat, unshaded area that’s perfect for fall and winter runs. It's tucked away in the back of Derry Greenway Park, right by the Hindu temple on Professional Ct. Owners enjoy the sturdy chain-link fence, nearby picnic tables, and serene landscaping. 

        • Address: 6855 Professional Ct, Mississauga, ON L4V 1X6
        • Directions

        Great Leash-Free Dog Parks in Brampton

        two dogs walking down a path in the woods

        Duggan Park Off-Leash Area

        Duggan Park Off-Leash Area is a smaller, well-kept dog park with water access for thirsty pups. You'll know where your dog is at all times and there's also a nearby play area for children and a place to jog for adults and pups on a leash!  

        • Address: 100 Ken Whillans Dr, Brampton, ON L6V 0A4
        • Directions

        White Spruce Park Off-Leash Area

        White Spruce is a massive fenced space that offers lush, green grass for your canine kid to play on in the spring and summer. Even when crowded, there's enough room for multiple dogs to run and a nature trail close by for leashed hikes.

        • Address: 10302 Heart Lake Rd, Brampton, ON L6Z 0B4
        • Directions

        Bramalea Community Dog Park

        Bramalea Community Dog Park is conveniently located on Williams Pkwy, right across from North Park Secondary School. The park is well-kept with plenty of parking space and a wood-chipped ground cover to help prevent muddy paws. There's also a separate enclosed area for small and large dogs with a dedicated water hose for the spring, summer, and fall.

        • Address: 1030 Williams Pkwy, Brampton, ON L6S 0B9
        • Directions

        Chris Gibson Leash-Free Dog Park

        Chris Gibson Park has a beautifully landscaped leash-free area that's perfect for throwing the ball or just relaxing outside in the shade. With two double-gated entrances, two water fountains, and a nearby dog-friendly trail, it's hard to beat this centrally-located city escape.

        • Address: 125 McLaughlin Rd N, Brampton, ON L6X 1N9 
        • Directions

        Off-Leash Dog Parks to Visit in Hamilton

        a couple of dogs running across a lush green field

        Hamilton/Burlington SPCA Dog Park

        Hamilton/Burlington SPCA Dog Park sits on the edge of a large conservation area just South of Hamilton Discount Auto Parts & Supplies on Dartnall Rd. The park has an open field for running and a forested area with a small creek, both of which are fully enclosed for your pup's safety.

        • Address: 245 Dartnall Rd, Hamilton, ON L8W 3V9
        • Directions

        Central Park Dog Run 

        Central Park is a great place to hang out when you want to get outside without leaving the city and the leash-free dog run gives Fido space to enjoy some exercise too. This portion of the park opened in 2023 and offers separate sections for small and large dogs, fully enclosed fencing, and a convenient location across from Mulberry Wellness on Bay St N. 

        • Address: 171 Bay St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2P7
        • Directions

        Globe Leash Free Dog Park

        Globe Leash Free Dog Park welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes, so it's a great place for your pup to socialize and make friends. With hilly areas to tucker your dog out and easy-to-access water afterward, you'll definitely want to add this to your list of parks to visit. 

        • Address: 800 Brampton St, Hamilton, ON L8H 6V5
        • Directions

        Hill Street Dog Park 

        Hill Street Dog Park is a wide open space for running extra-large and highly active dogs. It's located in Kirkendall North, just across the street from The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton and the Shell Gas Station. There are benches to sit on but not very much shade, so you may want to bring an umbrella or a sun hat during the warmer months.

        • Address: 13 Hill St, Hamilton, ON L8P 1W7
        • Directions

        Best Off-Leash Dog Parks to Take Your Pup in London

        brown and white long coat small dog on grey concrete road during daytime

        Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park

        Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park sits in a beautiful location near the picturesque Thames River with plenty of space for running, shaded seating for "hoomans," and trash receptacles for convenient waste disposal. There's also a lush wooded area at the back of the park where you can explore a bit of nature without straying too far off the beaten path.

        • Address: 109 Greenside Ave, London, ON N6J 2X5
        • Directions

        Caesars Dog Park

        Caesars Dog Park in London is a good option for pawparents who prefer to keep an eye on their pup at all times during play. The area is expansive but without obstacles, so you can see your dog no matter where they are in the enclosure. Note that the park requests that you please leave toys at home! 

        • Address: 941 Commissioners Rd E, London, ON N5Z 3H9
        • Directions

        Stoney Creek Off-Leash Dog Park 

        Stoney Creek Off-Leash Dog Park is nestled inside Stoney Creek Meadows on Adelaide St N, across from the Cricket Grounds and the Tin Cup golf driving range. There's a lot of space for big doggos as well as a "small dogs corner" that’s gated off and separate from the rest of the play area. A creek is also nearby! 

        • Address: 1343 Adelaide St N, London, ON N5X 1K1
        • Directions

        Enjoy These Top Leash-Free Dog Parks in Markham

        a dog with a toy in its mouth running through the grass

        Miller Avenue Off-Leash Dog Park

        This dog park pulls out all the stops for pups and we love it. From an expansive agility playground to water hose access, your dog is sure to feel spoiled. Shaded tables, chairs,  and a covered shelter for inclement weather make the visit more comfortable for owners too! 

        • Address: 560 Miller Ave, Markham, ON L6G 1B2
        • Directions

        Boxgrove Off-Leash Dog Park

        Don't like a muddy pup? Boxgrove Off-Leash Dog Park is situated on top of a hill, which allows for precipitation to drain instead of puddling up. The park features a covered picnic area and plenty of seating around the enclosure, so there's always enough room for everyone. 

        • Address: 6780 14th Ave, Markham, ON L6B 1A8
        • Directions

        Cornell Community Dog Park

        Cornell Community Dog Park is a favourite among Markham locals, providing a safe, leash-free exercise area for dogs in the heart of a busy residential area. This park is open 24 hours and also features solar-powered lighting for safe nighttime play. 

        • Address: 319 William Forster Rd, Markham, ON L6B 0R1 
        • Directions

        Where to Find Quality Leashes for Dogs When Your Pup Can't Be Off-Leash

        a dog at Vermillion lake shore with a leash on

        Thinking about taking your pup on a paw-some adventure? You’ll need a durable leash to get there and back. Whether you’re visiting a small escape in the city or heading to the leash-free beach for a swim, make sure your furry friend is by your side until it’s time to unclip. 

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