Hiking Dog Collar

Hiking Dog Collar

Hiking Dog Collar

It is in our genetics to be drawn to our dogs, they complete us, our family and our way of life. I can’t imagine my life without my beloved friend, that is why I always try my best to educate people about dogs and what is best for them. Sometimes our dogs are not so obedient as we would like them to be, this post is dedicated to addressing this communication issue between pet and owner.

Firstly, you will need a good collar as a starting point for obedience training. We have 2 excellent collars for you to choose from, namely the Rundle Alpine Dog Collar and the Moraine Alpine Dog Collar. Both of these designs are very trendy so whilst you are busy with your obedience training you and your dog will be doing it in style.

What does it mean to socialize your dog
It is important to start the socialization training when the dog is still a puppy (between 7-15 weeks). In this time the pup is still very open to developing social skills. The dog should be exposed to low-stress environments and only positive experience incorporated into his/her daily routine. They should be exposed to, people, places, different surfaces, and noises.

Why is socialization important for future behavior
If early socialization is not properly implemented it can have adverse effects later in your dog's life. Behavioral challenges, later on, can undermine the bond you and your best friend might have. Many people tend to start this process after the critical 6 months period missing their most critical socialization period. After the 6 month period, pet owners are working against the clock as standard brain development is not susceptible to introduce their pups to new environments, other dogs and a kaleidoscope of people. Do not make this mistake and start your pup at an early age to avoid unwanted behavior.

Where to get the training
There are lots of places where you can take your dog to get some behavior training. Most professional programs have rules that state your dog has to be up to date with their vaccinations namely the DHPP and the DHLPP respectively. This is for your pups own safety as at this young age they are susceptible to diseases. It is also strongly advised if your dog has been sick a week before the training class that you should refrain from taking him.

If you are a self-starter you can manage to do the social integration training yourself. There are a number of different videos on YouTube where you can learn these techniques. It is also good to teach your pup positive reinforcement with frequent rewards praise, petting, play or treats. These methods have been proven to work better than the punishments or the encouragement of human dominance.

We love our dogs and we would basically do anything for them. Start training your dog so that his/her social skills can be the envy of many pet owners. Don’t forget to purchase the hiking dog collar after the training is complete so that you can show off your dog’s newly learned talents.