Dorine & Silas

Dorine & Silas

Dorine is a Photographer, she is French and newly Canadian. Two years ago, she changed her life. She quit her engineering job in Montreal, moved to Calgary, AB became a photographer (her passion) and adopted a Samoyed named Silas. She lives for the great outdoors - may it be mountains or seas and brings Silas on her adventures. Together they hike, camp, run, ski, dog sled or even paddle board. Doreen and Silas preach being eco-friendly and eco-responsible on and off the trails. Nature is beautiful and if we want to be able to keep enjoying it, we must protect it.

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What is your favorite activity to do with your dog(s)?

This is a tough one because I just started dog sledding with Silas this winter. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of snow this year but I loved every time I went to train him. In summer I guess it would be hiking and camping!

What do you love most about your dog(s)?

Silas is super social, he loves people and dogs. He always wants to be the center of attention!

Where is your favorite place to go Hiking?

Difficult to answer that. Peyto Lake is my favorite view point but I love going hiking in Kananaskis. I try to not do the same hike multiple times though.

What other activities do you do with your dog(s)?

Go near lakes and rivers and throw rocks in the river... he could play this game forever! I am trying to get him to swim and enjoy paddle boarding but so far he is scared of not seeing the bottom of the water.

What is your favorite RMD product?

The rope leash I have! I have it in two sizes, I love it so much! It doesn't hurt my hands and that was my #1 requirement because Silas used to (still a bit sometimes) pull very hard when we would go on walks and my hands - especially in winter, would be dying with all the other leashes.

Why would you recommend RMD Products?

I love the fact that RMD is local to Alberta and represents all I love about having a dog. I believe dogs are meant to be outside and I seek the best gear for Silas. I like when the gear is pretty but most importantly when it is actual quality and can last.

What is your next adventure?

Adventure is everyday and I try to hike every week at least once a week. I have a hike planned this Sunday, we will see where the weather takes us!

Anything else you would like us to know?

I am a big advocate for vanlife and I plan on buying a van at some point when I find one that would fit my budget. I applied to be a Parks Canada volunteer this year and I passed the first interview. You might see me with some Parks Canada attire later this year!