Style Unleashed: Our Top Dog Collar and Leash Set Picks

Style Unleashed: Our Top Dog Collar and Leash Set Picks

At Rocky Mountain Dog, we like to say the mountains are our cathedral. They represent our own version of a church, a temple—larger than life in so many ways.

It is a constant reminder that our earthly problems are relatively small, and at the same time, beauty is everywhere we look. We never take for granted the fact that the Rocky Mountains are practically in our backyard.

In fact, they were (and still are, every day) our inspiration for making the best dog leashes in Canada

We firmly believe that dogs make every aspect of life better, and perhaps nowhere is that more true than on the trail. However, we also know that it isn't always as easy as simply deciding to go out for a hike. Having a high-quality, mountain-ready dog collar and leash set is essential, too, for both canine comfort and owner convenience.

beagle is sitting on a dock by the water in vermillion lake, banff, wearing black leash

Since the very beginning, our business has been devoted to crafting top-of-the-line, rugged dog gear that not only withstands the harsh terrain and elements of the Rockies but also reflects the mountains' unrelenting spirit of adventure. We understand the importance of sharing adventures with your pup. More importantly, we know firsthand that something as simple as a good dog leash can go a long way in encouraging you to go out on more of those adventures. 

So, how are we so sure that we make the best dog leash in Canada? Great question.

Dog Collars Designed for Adventure

Our Alpine Dog Collars are thoughtfully engineered for outdoor excursions of all types. While we focus primarily on making dog gear for hiking, features like the quick-release buckle make our collars ideal for strolling around town or visiting the local dog park, too. The aluminum D-ring ensures durability, providing a secure attachment point for your leash, while a separate ring keeps Fido's ID tag in place without annoying rattling. And with a wide range of sizes available, finding the perfect fit for your dog is a breeze.

Dog Leashes Incorporating Function and Style

Just as important as a collar, choosing the best dog leash is crucial for your pup's comfort and safety (and yours, too, of course!). Our hiking dog leashes stand out not only because of the eye-catching, Rocky Mountain-inspired designs incorporated into the nylon webbing but also for many other reasons.

Exceeding Durability

Crafted to keep up with even the most active dogs on and off the trail, our leashes are built to last and last. We personally test all of our dog collar and leash sets in the rugged Rocky Mountains near our home office in western Canada. It's hard work, but someone's gotta do it—and thankfully, Rob, RMD's owner, and his dog, Butch, are always up for it!

Embracing the Spirit of the Rockies

Each dog leash and collar set we make features intricate designs showcasing beloved locales throughout the Rocky Mountains. You'll likely recognize iconic formations from Banff, Canmore, and the Kootenays. We also have a Park Series collection featuring Canada's spectacular national parks. We want you to look at your dog's leash and immediately feel inspired to get outside, even for a few minutes.

A woman walking a beagle on a red dog leash in hoodoos trail head, banff

Long Length

With generous lengths of 1.8 meters (six feet) and 2.4 meters (eight feet), RMD leashes give you plenty of space to explore while also maintaining steady control safely. We even offer some of our leashes in an extra-long 4.6-meter (15 feet) length. To ensure it's also a good dog leash in terms of comfort, the width is 25 mm wide (one inch). 

Hands-Free Convenience

We consistently hear that one standout feature is the main reason ours is the best dog leash around: the ability to hold it with your hand or wear it around the waist.

Our leashes are easily adjustable, allowing you to quickly secure a strap around your waist if you prefer to walk hands-free. This is especially useful on more rugged trails where you may need your hands to do some scrambling. Plus, the barrel lock and D-ring allow you to attach accessories like poop bags conveniently.

Shock Absorption

Our leashes' built-in bungee elastic helps soften the impact of your dog's sudden movements, whether they're frequent or once in a blue moon. This natural shock absorption makes a huge difference in reducing strain on both you and your dog, making for a comfortable and more enjoyable walk or hike.

Beagle standing on top of a rock next to a person in ravens end hiking trail, kananaskis, ab

Comfortable Grip

While we're on the topic of comfort, our leash's soft cushioned handles let you say goodbye to hand strain, even if you maintain a firm grip during longer walks.

Low Maintenance

If you're putting this much thought and intentionality into your dog collar and leash set, we know how much you value ease of use. Luckily, both our collars and leashes are a breeze to clean and maintain. Simply wash them in warm, soapy water and drip-dry, so they're ready to go the next time you are.

Global Service and Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter where your adventures take you and Fido, Rocky Mountain Dog has you covered with worldwide shipping. With our competitive pricing, you'll enjoy top-tier quality without breaking the bank. Plus, our 30-day return policy and hassle-free exchanges for defective products ensure that you truly love your gear.

Unleash New Adventures With Your Dog

Regardless of where you buy it, a dog collar and leash set isn't just an accessory—it's a companion for your dog's next great adventure. Functional, feature-packed, and stylish, Rocky Mountain Dog gear is the perfect match for your outdoor lifestyle. Shop RMD's complete collection to elevate your next outing.

As we always say, stay wild, stay curious, stay thirsty, friends!